I ran I ran I ran!!!!

Well after 4 months of injury I went for a very gentle 2.5 mile run last week. It was very very slow but guess what? It didn’t hurt a bit! I finally went for a club run on Wednesday (don’t think they even noticed I was gone!!) and did 6 miles which made me so happy I could have cried a bit!
I really thought I was never going to get back on it and that I’d be on a spin bike in the gym forever!
So what have I learned from my time off running?
1. Don’t just run! Mix it up and do 2 core sessions a week.
2. When you are hurt STOP!!
3. Don’t run a marathon injured…although I will never regret running that day I wouldn’t do that again!
4. Sign up for another marathon!
5. Keep posting, keep motivated! I felt like when I was injured I had nothing to blog about but complaints but it did help to check in!!!
So I’m not planning another marathon till next year and I have lost some running speed (and I was slow to begin with) so I shall be working on that got a while so that I’ll be tip top to train for my next marathon!


Well after a long time of not being able to run and a lot of trying to I finally have an nhs physio appt. today.
I went private originally as my gp wasn’t that helpful and told me not to run. I went back and saw a different gp who was great and referred me but warned i could expect a long wait. I wasn’t able to afford the ongoing cost of private physio so i didn’t have much choice and now 4 months after my injury I have an appointment.
I’m not hugely optimistic about today but we shall see what happens. My leg is definitely better than it was but I am still not able to run (have tried lots!) although i should be grateful as there was a time when walking was painful!!
And to top it all off it’s pouring with rain!!!
Will check in later but wish me luck. I really want to get back to running!!

Strength training :)

Well now it’s been a month since my marathon and I remain broken. Have been waiting for physio appt (2 month wait locally) and did see someone privately to try and get diagnosis but couldn’t afford to keep going. £40 a pop 😦
I can cycle strangely enough but have been feeling murderous at times due to lack of running. I haven’t gone to running club and have just disappeared without trace!
So in the meantime I’m spinning 3 times a week to keep me sane and have asked my hubs to advise me on strength training.
He has made some suggestions but is aware of my penchant for idleness if not pushed and my potential for hysterics if encouraged too bossily. Basically he’s screwed whatever he does but he has kindly continued to assist me in my goals.
Anyway I shall be out in the garden with my kettle-bells after work tomorrow and aim to do weights/strength 3 times a week.
Watch this space…. I’ve got a half marathon coming up shortly and need to stay fit if I can’t run!


first ever spin class

This is a year of trying new things for me and attempting to get fit! As you probably know my marathon training was beset by injury and I actually didnt get a single run in the six weeks prior to my marathon.This is not a sensible way to run but I was raising dosh for charity and felt that I was doing it come hell or high water!Anyway its done and I am happy…and yes to me it was worth it.

So now the process of recovery begins as does setting new goals! I have reinjured my adductor from doing the marathon but the sports physio I saw thinks it is a hip problem and with some rehab its fixable without long term damage. Apparently my hips dont sit nicely in their sockets but roll about a bit which menas my adductors are taking the strain!

So I’ve signed up for a half marathon at the end of June to keep myself focused but I am not running at the moment to give my adductor a lovely rest and time to heal. I have got some exercises to do and have started taking cod liver oil and glucosamine (yes I’m getting old!!) which I hope will help.

I also decided to go to a spin class today. They have only just started at my local leisure centre as I live in deep dark devon and it takes a while for things to reach us! The instructor was young and clearly super fit! He told me I had picked a hard day to start as they were standing up for much of the workout but I said I’d do the best I could and sit down if I needed to.

I have never sweated so much in my life!! My face was purple I swear and the sweat was dripping of me! Now I know why everyone else had a towel!! But it was exhilarating and I loved it. I managed to stay standing on the bike throughout and at the end the instructor said I’d done really well for a first class (I didnt tell him about the marathon..I just basked in the praise!!!!!).

So my focus has changed a little from marathon training to recovery and hopefully running a half marathon pb (although its a hilly half) if I’m fit enough to run. I’m toying with the idea of an october marathon having been completely inspired by the 3:44 marathons two friends ran at VLM today!!

I also need to address my sugar consumption but one thing at a time!!!

Trainer obsession!!

I never cared much for trainers in my youth. Those massive fila ones were what all the cool kids wore when I was a teenager in the 90’s! I didn’t have any.
I can’t remember what I wore in the 90s but there is pictorial evidence and its ugly.I am grateful every day that Facebook and social networking in general did not exist when I was a teen.
But I digress….I’m talking about trainers….more specifically running trainers.
When I decided to start running again in 2008 (after many years of smoking, drinking and generally not exercising at all) I didn’t own trainers. I had plimsolls which I wore on my first run. The kind leader of the group explained to me that I needed “proper running shoes”.
I went online and bought the cheapest pair I could.
I have always gone on price for trainers-cheapest and preferably not too hideous looking but i paid no heed to over pronation, cushioning, stability etc etc etc! It’s a shoe for gods sake how much difference can it make?
But in the past month or so I have been seduced by the idea of REALLY NICE TRAINERS. Ones with all kinds of bold claims, swooshy logos and flashy colours….
I really want some. I actually want more than one pair!
The ones in particular that have caught my eye are saucony kinvara 3 (not in shops till may 1st) and some light shoes by Nike and reebok. I’m seduced by them!
I will need a new pair shortly as my recent mara trainers are coming to the end of their life and my naughty dog ate a pair I left outside…well chewed one of them.
So what to do…..sensibly priced and functional rather like me or outrageously sleek and expensive….?
Or shall I just embrace the whole barefoot thing and paint my toenails according to my mood?
What say you??

Recovery and new goals

I’m feeling less stiff today but am resting up after Sundays efforts!!
Now I am planning my recovery and what to do and definitely not do next time!
I know I’ve got the marathon bug as I’ve been looking at October marathons and I’ve signed up for Brighton again next year! Perhaps I knocked my head on the way round!!!
I’m going for a swim tomorrow morning to aid my recovery so fingers crossed I don’t cramp up and sink to the bottom!!

Brighton marathon

I haven’t posted in a while because all seemed lost. I wasn’t able to run. I didn’t think there was any way I could do the marathon and was feeling pretty sorry for myself.
Even 10 days ago I was still struggling to run. I don’t know what happened but I taped the injury and ran on it slow and steady up and down my road and it seemed ok so a little spark of hope ignited in me!
I made the decision to run on Friday night but kept quiet in case I had to drop out during the race.
The first 3 miles were a bit niggly bearing in mind I hadn’t run for 6 weeks (have been doing other stuff though!). I felt settled and relaxed from mile 5 to 10 and 10 to15 I started to have a bit of stiffness in my hips! Miles 15-20 were actually the worst as I was still so far from finishing and my glycogen levels were very depleted! I began to feel like I wasn’t going to do it but the cheering crowd and an energy gel revived my spirits and on I went! Once I got to mile 24 I knew I could do it and that I would do it! I ran along the seafront and the crowds were amazing. I had my name on my vest and people were shouting encouragement which made such a difference to the last miles.
My family were waiting at mile 26 and shouted me over the finish line which was amazing!
I felt relieved, overjoyed and a bit like crying when I crossed the line!!
My legs are sore but my mind is happy!