Running up that hill

I’ve been a little quiet this week due to feeling worn out! Did some Fartlek in Tuesday followed by 7 mile club run on weds in the pouring rain. I felt tired, cold, wet and was stiff as a board afterwards. I confess I got a little paranoid about injury so decided to skip Thursday’s run and move it to Friday. Having got my mojo back I headed out this morning for a steady and slow 13 miles. It was chilly out and I chose a flat route and the marathon talk podcast to accompany me! They had a telephone interview with the legend Haile Gebrselassie which helped the miles speed by. Got home feeling strong and like I could have gone further. I did my stretches and have had a shower and a bite to eat. I’ve got a niggle in my hip so am thinking about seeing a sports massage therapist and doing some exercises to strengthen my core as a niggle at mile 13 will be a chronic pain at mile 20 I reckon! Ive also realised that marathon training is a massive commitment (yes its only just sunk in!) and I’m pretty much running, sleeping and working so my family time is a bit squeezed in at the moment!I hope all my fellow runners have had a great week! Love reading your blogs as they really keep me motivated!


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